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Parker Posey Pox

Every time I listen to this, I thank God I don’t suffer from the heartbreak of puffknuckle.  Count your blessings, people. (Skip to the 5:30 mark.)

From Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Death Ray Radio podcast, April 30, 2010.

My G1

I recently bought a used T-Mobile G1 phone on Ebay and have been spending the last couple of days getting to know it. The more time I spend with it the more I like it, and I’m sure that will continue as I understand it better. But it’s forcing me to abandon some of the tried-and-true applications I’ve depended on when I was using my T-Mobile Dash, which runs Windows Mobile. Because SplashID (a password safe) is poorly supported on Android, I have decided to just use a portable version of Keepass Password Safe on a flash drive and copy the database over to the G1 occasionally. I will no longer have a car maintenance tracker, or at least I can’t find one in the Android Market. And I still can’t get used to syncing over the air, something that’s kind of difficult if your wireless router doesn’t much like your phone. Still, I’m getting there.

And my partner, who has adopted my Dash, is finding new a better ways to use it than I ever had. I hope they’ll be very happy together. If she gets it working TOO well, I’m stealing it back.

Avoid Crown Ford in Nashville

I’m in the market for a used truck, and Crown Ford on Thompson Lane in Nashville had one I was interested in.  Wednesday afternoon we were still several hundred dollars apart, and I was tired of haggling, so I called the salesman and said, “Look. Here’s where I want to be in terms of what I want to finance: $x. Your truck (plus some aftermarket accessories we’d agreed on) minus my trade-in.” (I have a pretty good idea what my trade-in value should be.)

Since they hadn’t looked at my trade-in, he wanted me to come in OMG RIGHT NOW TODAY so they could look at it and see what they would offer. I live all the way the hell on the other side of Nashville – a 30-minute drive at least, and I would be passing by the dealership the next morning on a work trip. But no, the used car manager is going to be gone to auction then, according to the salesman.

So I asked him to talk to his manager to see if it would even be worth my driving down there immediately, as he wanted me to. I gave him all the relevant details I can about my trade-in, even the VIN.

He called back 10 minutes later and said, “I think we can make this work out. The used car manager needs to look at your trade-in to see if everything checks out, but I think we can do this.” So of course I headed on down.

I wait in the salesman’s office for close to an hour while they drive my trade-in, chill me out, whatever they do for an hour. He came back in with a proposal that was WAY off what I told him my bottom line was.

The kickers: 1) They didn’t come down AT ALL from the previous offer they’d made, and 2) they low-balled my trade-in. I shook his hand and left.

I know that’s what car dealers do, but the salesman KNEW when he had me on the phone that they weren’t coming down off their offer, yet he told me “I think we can make this work out” in order to get me down there.

The salesman has only been on the job about four months, so I have a feeling this wasn’t his idea.  His manager probably told him to just get me down there and that I’d eventually cave.  I didn’t.

And when I got home, having lost 2 hours I’ll never get back, I found a newer truck online at a different dealership, with fewer miles and with a color I preferred.  I’m working on getting an appointment to see it.  So I guess I’m lucky Crown Ford jerked me around.

Let me be clear: I’m not angry that they didn’t give me the price I wanted.  Things happen – my numbers didn’t work for them, and their numbers didn’t work for me.  That’s business, and I’m a big girl.  No, I’m angry that the salesman lied to me to get me to come back in there.  I don’t like games, and I don’t like having my time wasted.

I will never darken Crown Ford’s doors again unless they somehow become the only place in town that will change the oil in an F-150.